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25 Bomb Girls icons

Cordelia Chase icons

- 20 Cordelia Chase icons (Buffy/Angel) for tvshow20in20
- (no preview) 10 icons from the iq_fortress battle for theiconquest


when it comes to dating, i'm the slayerCollapse )

more kurt/adam(/santana/rachel) icons

A hiatus means... more icons. Mostly Kurt and Kadam. I'm not even sorry.


more nyc on glum pleaseCollapse )

Some Kurt/Adam icons


29 Elementary icons

- 20 (+9) Sherlock Holmes icons from Elementary (male protag round) for tvshow20in20


i'm going to miss thisCollapse )

52 Dollhouse icons

- 20 (+32) icons of Sierra/Priya from Dollhouse for tvshow20in20
- it feels weird to have actually finished way before the deadline wow



Do you want me wide eyed and demure? Or stupid? Did you want me to be a mute? Which fantasy did you want to keep forever?Collapse )

33 Angel icons

- 20 (+13) Angel (Lilah Morgan) icons for tvshow20in20

you're only ever going to get grayCollapse )

29 Dead Like Me icons

award banners and stuff

76 glee icons

Yeah, so I actually made a graphics comm..

Previous icon posts on my journal (not bringing them over to this comm): LoK (+ a lot of other fandoms like Angel, Glee, n2n, atla, etc), Pushing Daisies, Iconquest (Runaways, SBL, LOTR), Millennium Actress.

- 20 (+21) Hummelberry icons for tvshow20in20
- 35 other glee and glee cast animated icons


I love you, Rachel Berry.Collapse )